Firecreek Global, Inc. is a U.S. company focused on U.S. and international oil and gas exploration, development and production in Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Euro Asian countries of the former Soviet Union, and Central and South America. The company provides oil and gas consulting and advisory services, specializing in oil and gas field rehabilitation and production enhancement. The company and its principals have specific expertise in exploration and project development, oil field rehabilitation, secondary recovery, and development of atypical carbonate reservoirs.

topo mapThe company and its affiliates have expertise in evaluating, developing and operating international petroleum projects for both private concerns and sovereign oil companies. In addition to project management, the company has the capability of providing third party evaluation and recommendations for clients contemplating participation in proposed oil and gas ventures. This advisory service assists clients in making comprehensive and informed decisions regarding projects.

The company is headed by John R. Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer, who has over 36 years in the petroleum industry. Mr. Taylor has been involved in the evaluation of prospect operations and in drilling and production operations, project management, seismic exploration, and acquisition and development. His experience includes hands-on involvement with:

The company, its affiliates and predecessors have been involved in:

Firecreek Global associated companies support its primary objective of oil and gas exploration and production, including telecommunications, specialized oilfield equipment, personnel and property security, and aviation support. Firecreek Global and its associated companies work in concert to provide clients with maximum results from proposed projects and investments.

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John R. Taylor
6937 Casa Loma Ave
Dallas, Texas 75214-4005